free gems dragonvale

DragonVale is a breeding simulation game in which players design a park and display dragons in habitats in order to earn "dragoncash".  Dragons earn dragoncash while staying in their habitat. Different dragons earn at different rates depending upon their type and rarity.  Dragoncash can be used to upgrade a park with new islands, habitats, and decorations. Currently the game has a max park level of about 75, and there is a total dragon count of 323, (128 elemental dragons, 87 special dragons, and 138 epic dragons) decoration count of over 135, and an island count of 15.

In DragonVale for Android and iOS systems (iPhone, iPad, etc.), gems are very useful, but also fairly hard to find. As with many “ games that are free to play” as of late, gems in DragonVale would be the purchasable thing that allows you speed the game up, and give you access to things much quicker than normal. Not everyone wants to purchase a game that is free yet, so how can you get some free gems to help out with your dragon breeding? Redeeming friend codes, and getting your friends to use your friend code is a really nice and easy way to get gems. You can only enter one friend code on your own account to get 25 free stone, but your pal code can be used through an endless quantity of other customers, and you’ll not just get free gems when they first put it to use, you’ll get more when they level up at the same time.

To redeem a buddy code, tap on Social button, then tap the Redeem Code button. Type in an authentic social code and press OK. If a valid code is entered it will give you a message that it worked, and you ought to find your jewels in the Gifts tablature.

Free Stone from Gifting

By gifting one of the easiest ways to get free gems in the game is. Every day you and they can send three gems and them, respectively back to you. For those who have a circle of friends that understand how hard it's to get jewels, then ideally they’ll send them straight back to you. A good way to make this work is to coordinate with a few friends which you understand personally. Set up so that every day you send the same people your gems, so you’re basically promised to get gems on a regular basis plus they send them back to you personally.